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GLAD #WhatsYourDifferent Campaign

The Brief

As Australia moved into lockdown during COVID-19, Clorox briefed its integrated agency teams to develop a campaign for GLAD that would enable the brand to connect with consumers during isolation and remind them that GLAD was there to support them along the way. The campaign was to be in market in May and June 2020 during the lockdown period.

The brief was to develop a creative campaign delivered via digital video and influencer led social content, with amplification via earned media pitching.

TPF Think lead on the creative digital and social assets and FORWARD brought the campaign to life through earned and paid influencer content, allowing GLAD to have a broader conversation with families and inspiring consumers with new ways to find the ‘glad’ in their everyday routine.

The Challenge

Being in lockdown and isolation dramatically changed the everyday life as Aussies knew it with staying home and social distancing fast becoming the new normal. But, whilst there were certainly challenges and stresses that the change in lifestyle brought about, we had to ensure that the campaign focused on embracing the positive moments that spending quality time at home with your family can bring about.

Our Response

Embracing the emotions many across Australia and New Zealand were feeling towards spending more time at home and focusing on the moments of silver lining as their day-to-day routine changed, TPF Think created the ‘What’s Your Different’ campaign.

Working on an integrated approach with GLAD’s media, creative and social agencies, FORWARD amplified the ‘What’s Your Different’ platform through an integrated influencer and earned media campaign across Australia and New Zealand to encourage Aussies and Kiwis to share their positive moments with GLAD at home using the hashtag, #WhatsYourDifferent.

Phase One: Creating the GLAD To Be Different moments

Showcasing various examples of ways the ‘new normal’ meant doing things differently and that in those moments GLAD was there to create something special, What’s Your Different was brought to life through a series of creative social and digital videos that ran in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Australia and New Zealand also ran select creative on TV.

This included a range of different life moments featuring GLAD core range products that people could emotionally relate to during isolation – birthday parties that had to be cancelled and then celebrated at home in a new way, everyday meals cooked together in the kitchen as a family, activities to keep the kids entertained with whatever you could find in your cupboards and drawers.

Phase Two: Engaging trusted influencers to widen the conversation

To drive awareness of the campaign, FORWARD partnered with high-reaching parenting bloggers and a wide variety of creative micro influencers to develop content focussed on feel-good advice and solutions to support families during a challenging time.

Five prominent parenting influencers including Katrina Springer from The Organised Hosuewife, ex-MasterChef contestant Dani Venn and Vanya Insell from VJ Cooks developed a range of visually appealing, educational content for their websites and social channels to get their engaged communities talking about how GLAD helped them embrace the different and discover new, fun and interesting hacks that created joy while at home.


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Snack time has never been so much fun with my Homemade Fruit Leathers that are ideal for your next family adventure outdoors this long weekend! My kids absolutely love eating these fruit leathers that are so simple to make and a great way to use up excess seasonal fruit when it tastes at its best. We combined autumn raspberries with late season Victorian strawberries and some soft chopped up local pears then pureed them and poured the mix onto a baking tray lined with @gladaustralia Bake and Cooking Paper. You set your oven with no fan to the lowest possible setting (around 50 degrees) and allow the fruit to dehydrate for about 6 – 12 hours depending on the thickness of your fruit puree. When it’s finished, simply cut up the baking paper to make your roll ups and seal them up in your GLAD SNAP LOCK Reseal Snack Bag ready for your next adventure. My keen little helpers show you how it’s done with me in my kitchen and beyond on their bike ride! #WhatsYourDifferent #Spon

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To complement our macro influencer partnerships and widen the reach of the campaign, we also worked with over 73 parenting, lifestyle and foodie micro influencers in Australia and New Zealand to share their #WhatsYourDifferent at-home hacks, tips and tricks for passing the time and making life a bit more interesting and positive.

Whether it was GLAD Wrap or Baking Paper to store or cook your food safely, to getting creative with Foil and SNAP LOCK Reseal bags in an arts and crafts activity with the kids, at the heart of each influencer’s content was the message that positive moments can be created that will turn into beautiful memories even though we are all going through a tough time. The influencers in turn challenged their followers to find and share their own positive but ‘different’ experiences, using the hashtag #WhatsYourDifferent.

FORWARD also worked with GLAD’s social agency, Resolution and TPF Think to aggregate all of the paid influencer content through the Taggbox platform onto the GLAD website, so visitors could see a livestream of #WhatsYourDifferent content and hacks. A selection of influencer content was also pushed out with paid spend on GLAD’s own social channels in order to drive UGC.


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Our days are looking a little different at the moment but on the bright side, I am getting to spend extra time with my biggest babe, Nate. 🌈 Homeschooling him has been so rewarding, I’ve been helping him to learn to write, read, do maths and most importantly appreciate the little things. Because after every storm, there is always a rainbow. 🌈 But, so my WHOLE house doesn’t turn into a rainbow, we keep our chalk safe in @gladaustralia Snap Lock Reseal Bags. 🌈 We are all in this together. Stay safe. The rainbow is there if you choose to see it. #WhatsYourDifferent #ad . . . . #celebratechildhood #magicofchildhood #rainbow🌈 #rainbowfeed #chalkart #chalkartist #capturethemagic #stayhomestaysafe😷 #funathome #learningfromhome #learningthroughplay #invitationtoplay #learningthroughplaying #theheartcaptured #heaventhrumylens #homeschoollife #homeschoolers #boredombusters #allthecoloursoftherainbow #livecolourfully #colourfullife #abeautifulmess

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Phase Three: Spreading the message of positive at-home stories

Leveraging the expertise and creative ideas of our macro influencer partners to provide practical advice and inspiration, FORWARD drove the campaign reach further by generating earned media coverage in consumer lifestyle, food and parenting titles.

Whether sharing a fun recipe ideas to try at home with your children, advice on how to throw a kid’s birthday party whilst social distancing or tips on how to keep your home organised – the content made mention of how you could turn the everyday slog into beautiful moments with GLAD. As restrictions started to ease during the media outreach, the media focus also shifted to reflect lifestyle changes and targeted media with stories on school holiday activity inspiration and lessons that our experts had learnt during lockdown.


  • 231 clips across media and social, with a reach of over 36.4 million across Australia and New Zealand
  • 209 Instagram and Facebook posts and Stories across our macro and micro influencer campaigns, with a total reach surpassing 5.6 million
  • 4.38% average engagement across all influencer content with 245,280 comments, likes and shares
  • 16 consumer lifestyle media features (in the likes of Kidspot, Bounty, 9Honey and Daily Mail) with a combined reach of over 30 million