Sun Care

The suncare category is a very crowded space. NIVEA SUN needed find a way to cut through this competitive landscape and ensure that new NIVEA SUN UV Face range was front and centre, and position themselves as the go-to skincare expert in all things sun protection.
Conducting a consumer research study that found Australians were only spending half of their time protected from the sun and 1 in 10 don’t apply sunscreen at all, and partnering with two leading dermatologist across Australia and NZ, we coordinated a robust media outreach campaign to shed light on the gaps in knowledge that exists amongst Australians and New Zealanders when it comes to protecting themselves from the sun.
We seeded out samples of the new NIVEA UV Face product to key media and a handful of high-reaching paid influencers within the beauty and lifestyle space in Australia and New Zealand - encouraging them to share on social the importance of sun safety in relation to anti-ageing.


117 media features across ANZ with a total OTS of over 73 million
Coverage in top tier consumer news and beauty titles across metro, print, online and regional titles including the likes of the Daily Telegraph, The Project NZ, The Sydney Morning Herald, Body+Soul and Women's Health