Dry July
 Dry(ish) July

To make it easier than ever for Australians to take part, in 2020 the Dry July Foundation introduced their first first ever Dry(ish) July option, which allowed Aussies to decide how long they go dry for (31, 21 or 14 days, or to nominate their own time period). In a year that was challenging for many Australians, the Foundation needed to raise mass awareness about the good work they do and drive sign-ups that raise essential funds for those affected by cancer.
To launch the 2020 Dry July campaign, we developed a robust media relations strategy aimed at reminding Australians what Dry July is really about - raising money for those affected by cancer. Targeting national broadcast, print and online titles, we developed stories in the lead up to and during July driving awareness about the simple new Dry(ish) July option, humanising the stories of everyday Australians who have been affected, and communicating the health benefits of taking a month off booze.
138 Million OTS
To drive newsworthiness and relevancy, we developed a detailed research study on sober curiosity in Australia, revealing insight into Australia’s increasing interest in taking a break from alcohol – whether it’s for two weeks or a whole month.


505 media clips with a total OTS of over 138 million
Top tier coverage in national broadcast, print and online titles such as ABC News Breakfast, The Project, The Daily Telegraph, 2GB and Yahoo Lifestyle
40 social media clips from celebrities participants, with an OTS of over 5 million
37,000 total participants raising over $10.7 million for those affected by cancer