Grey Goose

GREY GOOSE is Australia’s number one premium vodka. However, in recent years, it faced a number of challenges: new competitors, fragmented media presence, and changing consumer preference. How was this super brand to reaffirm its position as the ‘World’s best tasting vodka’?
Introducing Taste By Appointment, a series of ‘by invitation only’ influencer dinners set to educate and inspire Australians about the importance of taste, and differentiate GREY GOOSE from competitors within the luxury vodka category. Hosted by the global brand ambassador, Joe McCanta, and taking place in both Sydney and Melbourne, 70 of Australia’s most prominent tastemakers were invited to join GREY GOOSE on an exquisite cocktail dining journey, exploring the five senses to unlock their personal taste and identify bespoke cocktails constructed to suit their palates.


155 total 'tastemaker' industry leader and influencer attendees across 10 events in Sydney and Melbourne
35 media features with an OTS of over 10 million
355 social clips driving over 13,000 likes, comments and shares