Slugging with Vaseline

The #SluggingwithVaseline campaign effectively amplified the 'Slugging' conversation on Australian social media, positioning Vaseline as a beauty essential and drawing in a new generation of users.
Partnering with thirty-four diverse content creators, this became Unilever Australia's largest influencer campaign of 2023 in the Beauty & Wellbeing portfolio.
Leveraging consumer advocacy, Vaseline successfully reintroduced itself to a younger demographic, reaching individuals who previously might not have considered using the product.
As the original petroleum "wonder" jelly, Vaseline proudly owns the slugging phenomenon.

While slugging has been popular for a few years, we aimed to elevate its presence from Skinfluencers to everyday Aussies by asking, "Have you tried slugging yet?"
How did we achieve this?

By creating fun, easy-to-follow content that shows Aussies how to slug and invites them to try it themselves.

Our goal was to make the slugging trend unmissable, taking over Aussie social feeds and ensuring it appeared as organic as possible, maximising reach and influence.
Unilever Australia’s Largest Influencer Campaign

In addition to boosting influencer content across Meta and TikTok, we launched and concluded the campaign with a TikTok Top View takeover to ensure it was unmissable. The first video featured a mashup of phase 1 influencer content in a branded ad unit from Vaseline, while the final video offered a humorous, unique take by a high-reaching influencer dressed as a slug!


The campaign delivered impressive results, generating significant organic impressions, social engagement, and paid impressions, highlighting its success in influencing consumer preferences and boosting sales.

By engaging a diverse mix of influencers from skinfluencers, beauty and lifestyle - to comedians, sportstars and ASMR creators - we were able to reach a wider audience that wouldn’t have known about slugging previously.

Key results included;

36 Social Posts from paid influencers generating 9.7M organic impressions, 19M organic OTS and an average engagement rate of 7.2%.
50.2M paid impressions, with a combined average engagement rate of 3.1%, a $5.58 CPM and 0.62% CTR (Industry benchmark is 0.15%)

The impact of the slugging campaign was also evident in Vaseline’s business results….

Vaseline achieved 58.8% year-on-year growth during the 7 week campaign period, compared to 46.2% growth in the prior 7 weeks.

Retailers Chemist Warehouse and Coles saw significant sales boosts.
Coles experienced a 9% increase in value sales (compared to 0% in the period prior).

Chemist Warehouse saw a 172% growth year-on-year during the campaign period.