Starchaser & Sunlover Launch

Magnum took over Bondi with a luxury multi-sensory experience to celebrate two exciting new flavours: Starchaser and Sunlover. From Starlit Rooms to Sun-Kissed Facials, Magnum Escape at North Bondi Clubhouse offered a sensory experience like no other.
Working in collaboration with Studio Messa for the event, we ensured the event garnered plenty of attention across both press and social media, leveraging our relationships with a mixture of earned and paid creators in attendance.
Additionally, we developed premium product kits for key media and creators that included the two new flavours to generate excitement and buzz.
We achieved significant organic and paid impressions as well as social engagements and earned coverage for both the event and product launch; with coverage maintaining Magnum’s strong visual style.


28.2M total OTS

75 total earned clippings across editorial and socials

130 Magnum Escape launch night attendees

52 earned coverage clips from Magnum Escape launch night alone

5 million impressions across paid influencers

2.7% average organic engagement rate across paid influencers