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Sunrice Low GI Rice

SunRice Low GI White Rice


Many of 2019’s trendy diets encourage us to completely cut out some of our favourite food groups in order to live a healthy life. At the top of the list is eliminating all carbohydrates, despite low GI carbs having extensive health benefits.

Australia’s most popular brand of rice, SunRice relaunched their Low GI White Rice to appeal to a broader audience than those with diabetes, who are often targeted with low GI messaging.

FORWARD Agency was engaged to raise awareness of the product and to position SunRice Low GI as a carb choice that allows health conscious consumers to eat rice again.


With the current wellness revolution continuing to introduce confusing diets, trends and restrictions –rice is often grouped as an unhealthy carbohydrate.

Our focus was to broaden the positioning of low GI to be an everyday product and healthier carbohydrate alternative that doesn’t compromise your food choices, keeping you on track for healthier living.

We also acknowledged that low GI is often associated with diabetes, however, following a low GI diet has a myriad of health benefits across all stages of life, such as weight management, heart disease and diabetes.

Our Response

To build interest and awareness of the relaunch, FORWARD developed a multi-faceted campaign containing three key components: ambassador engagement, multi-purpose content creation amplified through earned and owned channels, as well as a targeted media relations strategy utilising our ambassadors as key spokespeople to deliver key campaign messaging.

Ambassador Engagement

To highlight the unique selling points of the Low GI White Rice product, we utilised SunRice Health and Wellbeing Ambassador and dietitian, Lyndi Cohen and road cyclist, Caleb Ewan to affirm positioning and messaging with media and the SunRice audience.

Lyndi Cohen:
We utilised SunRice Health and Wellness Ambassador, Lyndi Cohen, to engage lifestyle and health media titles to highlight the steady energy release and health benefits of low GI white rice.

Caleb Ewan:
We worked with Caleb Ewan, Australia’s fastest road cyclist, to engage sports, fitness and news media titles. Caleb spoke of the benefits of SunRice Low GI White Rice from an athletic performance perspective highlighting how it helps to provide sustained energy and endurance.

Content Creation: multi-purpose content

We worked with dietitian, Lyndi Cohen, to develop a variety of simple, healthy low GI recipes for use across earned, owned and HCP channels.

We collaborated with our social agency partner to coordinate a content shoot to create three flat lay and demonstration style videos. These included two recipe videos and one educational video focused on ‘healthy carbs.’

Earned Media: landing product messaging in the media

We identified and utilised Lyndi’s expertise in nutrition and Caleb’s elite cycling career to communicate key low GI messages to relevant lifestyle, food, fitness and sports titles. We developed a robust media strategy to secure features with media, which included Lyndi’s bespoke recipes, written and video content around the health benefits of low GI foods and carb myth busting.

We also developed a creative media send out which featured the Low GI range and was accompanied by a press release, Lyndi’s breakfast rice recipe ingredients, to specifically engage key food and lifestyle media, influencers and HCPs.

This helped us generate social coverage in addition to securing placement in ‘new product’ pages of key food media titles such as taste.com.au, SuperFood Ideas & Diabetic Living.


We secured 48 pieces of earned and owned coverage, all of which positioned SunRice Low GI as a healthy carbohydrate. This coverage spanned across broadcast, metro news, consumer lifestyle and food as well as sports and fitness and trade titles.

Recipe content alongside tips from Lyndi and Caleb featured in earned media, Lyndi and SunRice’s owned channels, as well as industry HCP titles.

We achieved a combined campaign reach of over 12 million.