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Sunrice – Dinner in 20

The Brief

For many busy, young Australians, preparing for a quick, easy and, most importantly, nutritious dinner can be a daily challenge. After a long day in the office or an afternoon workout, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is spending their downtime slaving over a hot stove for a meal that’s anything less than healthy and delicious.

To provide time-poor Aussies with winter dinner inspiration, FORWARD Agency was engaged to drive awareness of the SunRice Steamed Rice microwave pouch range, highlighting how highlight how quick, easy and convenient they are for creating a dinner in 20 minutes.


Whilst rice is an Aussie pantry essential, rice is often seen as challenging to cook and a time-consuming ingredient to prepare. Taking only 90 seconds to prepare, the SunRice Steamed Rice microwave pouch range puts the ease into cooking rice.

We also acknowledged that we were speaking to a marketing-savvy audience, and therefore needed to be strategic in gaining their attention and developing native content to achieve cut-through and authenticity.

Our Response

FORWARD developed a targeted influencer campaign, identifying 6 x highly engaged top tier influencers across health/fitness, food and lifestyle in Australia and New Zealand. These influencers included fitness and wellness guru, Katie Williams, photographer, Kurt Tilse, entrepreneur and photographer, Josh Miller and NZ parenting blogger, Beth Morris.

Using a range of static posts, video content and Instagram stories, each influencer was briefed to develop simple and delicious dinner recipes that took less than 20 minutes to prepare. Showcasing the SunRice Steamed Rice microwave pouch range, each recipe provided the influencers’ followers with quick, easy and delicious meal inspiration, highlighting how ‘rice and simple’ preparing a dinner with rice can be.


The Results

  • 18 pieces of social content across Australia and New Zealand
  • Reach of more than 1.4 million
  • Achieved more than 186,750 engagements with an average engagement rate of 12.8% in Australia and 13.2% in New Zealand
  • All influencers received extremely positive feedback from their audience about how delicious or simple the recipe was to prepare