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Novempurr – Purina One

The Brief

PURINA ONE is a Super Premium Cat Food brand, which aims to help cats lead happier, healthier lives. FORWARD was briefed on leveraging the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program to educate consumers about the benefits of feeding their cats PURINA ONE. FORWARD was also asked to amplify the ongoing partnership between PURINA ONE and the Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA).

To support media activity, FORWARD was also briefed to implement sampling activity for PURINA ONE that seeded 60,000 product samples to consumers in key areas in Sydney and Melbourne.


The challenge of the campaign was to not only communicate and amplify the ongoing mission of PURINA ONE, but also drive signups to the Purina One 21 Day Program and tell the positive nutrition story.

With sampling, we needed to ensure cat owners specifically, were targeted to reduce any sampling wastage.

Our Response

In order to encourage consumers to take part in the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program, we needed a creative solution that would inspire people to help their cats become happier and healthier.

Tapping into a seasonal calendar movement, we developed a creative platform called ‘Novempurr’. This gave us a reason to talk to, and educate, consumers about the signs of cat health and wellbeing, and benefits of feeding their cat PURINA ONE. The concept was inspired by human health-focused months, which we identified as strong platform and awareness drivers for consumers. The creation of this month enabled us to shine a light on cat health and wellbeing, and to work with the AWLA to promote the partnership.

We brought ‘Novempurr’ to life by producing lifestyle imagery of rescue cats from the AWLA with Dr Jo Righetti (PURINA Ambassador), and Dr Simone Maher (AWL NSW Veterinarian), also featuring the eye catching ‘Novempurr’ logo, which we developed. As part of our targeted media approach, we pitched the launch of ‘Novempurr’, which included state-based data for metro, regional and broadcast publications, ahead of a wider release with tailored angles.

As well as feature-led pitches, we focused on angles that were more dramatic and topical, for example The 6 warning signs of an unhealthy cat – when to check and what to look for and How to engage your children in looking after their pets. These angles created a timeliness around ‘Novempurr’ and encouraged media to focus on cat health and wellbeing in the month of November. We worked particularly closely with AWL NSW to identify case studies, execute media opportunities and create content for their newsletter.

To further enhance online engagement for ‘Novempurr’, we worked with PURINA and AWLA organisations’ social teams to amplify the announcement. We also conducted a TRIBE campaign, enlisting 15 citizen influencers with cats to take part in ‘Novempurr’ and the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program by sharing a post at the start of ‘Novempurr’ and once at the end highlighting the visible changes in their cat’s health. Influencers encouraged their followers to also take part in ‘Novempurr’ and shared their progress using the hashtags #Novempurr and #purinaone21days.

Mass sampling engaged consumers by seeding 60,000 samples in 12 different locations across Sydney and Melbourne. The sampling schedule focused on high-footfall areas that targeted the PURINA ONE key demographic of females aged 46-65, across 12 days.

The Results

Media Outreach

  • 78 pieces of national consumer lifestyle media coverage across online, radio, TV, print
  • Over 10 million OTS
  • Coverage included: The West Australian, Talking Lifestyle, Lifestyle.com.au, Now to Love and Cosmopolitan
  • 100% positive sentiment

Influencer Activity

  • 30 citizen influencer posts which resulted in a social reach of 307,742 with 13,250 likes, 759 comments/shares and an average engagement rate of 4.06%.


  • Seeded 60,000 samples over 12 days/locations across high footfall areas around NSW and VIC, including shopping centres and train stations.