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Nivea Sun

It’s no secret that Australian’s love summer, making the most of the warm weather to enjoy outdoor activities and beach time. However, it’s also during this time of the year that Australians can forget about sun safety.

As the number 1 suncare brand in the world, NIVEA SUN has always been committed to helping Aussies protect themselves from the sun.

In the lead up to summer 2018, FORWARD was briefed to build trust through education and highlight the current attitudes and behaviours on sun safety. NIVEA was also launching a new product, UV Face, and also wanted to educate Aussies during this time on sun safety.


The suncare category is a very crowded space and 2018 was no exception. FORWARD needed find a way to cut through this competitive space and ensure that NIVEA SUN was front and centre, particularly highlighting their expert position in relation to sun protection.

Our Response

To effectively respond to this challenge, we developed a two-phase campaign which talked to the separate target audiences – the first phase being the new UV Face range and the second being the Protect and Moisture Research. We also wanted a consistent campaign over 6 months.

We started by identifying dermatologists in both Australia and New Zealand, who acted as the campaign spokespeople, through both phases. Dr Leona Yip (AU) and Dr Scott-Lang (NZ) were both able to effectively talk to the topic of sun protection in relation to the Protect and Moisture consumer research findings as well as the importance of sun safety in relation to anti-ageing for the UV face range.

Phase 1 – UV Face launch

To create a buzz and drive significant awareness around new NIVEA UV Face range, we identified and managed activity with leading lifestyle influencers, who had suitable target audiences and also had a focus on skincare. We engaged Brittney Saunders in Australia and Ash Owens, Megan Hutchison and Makere Gibbons in New Zealand, who all created uniquely engaging content, communicating the key message that the products have a 0% sticky feeling.

We seeded the product to key beauty and lifestyle media, offering advice and tips from our dermatologists on the importance of applying sunscreen now to ensure your skin is protected now and in the future. We also provided a select number of statistics from the research which specifically spoke to sun protection in relation to anti-ageing and reducing the effects of it, for example over a third (39%) of women admit they have sun damage they wish they did more to prevent.

Phase 2 – Protect and Moisture research

In order to effectively communicate the dangers of sun exposure and NIVEA SUN’s expertise on the topic, we recommended that NIVEA SUN conduct research which delved into the sun thoughts and behaviours of Aussies and Kiwis.

The results from the research shed light on the gaps in knowledge that exists amongst Australians and New Zealanders when it comes to protecting themselves from the sun. The research uncovered the findings that Australians were only spending half of their time protected from the sun (a total of 2.5 billion hours), 1 in 10 don’t apply sunscreen at all and 3 in 4 don’t use the recommended amount of sunscreen. The results strongly supported the the case  that Aussies and New Zealanders needed to be doing more to protect themselves and take sun protection more seriously.

We offered media these powerful statistics alongside commentary from the two dermatologists, in order to help Aussies see what they were doing well and where there was room for improvement. Our media outreach was guided by a robust media strategy which was broken down into metro (print and online), regional (print and online), broadcast (TV and radio) and consumer beauty & lifestyle (print, online and social). We also worked with Dr Leona Yip on broadcast outreach and achieved 14 regional and news hits.

The Results

Media Outreach – AU

  • 100 pieces of coverage across metro (print and online), consumer lifestyle (print and online), regional (print and online) and broadcast
  • Over 71 million OTS
  • Coverage included: The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser, The Mercury, Body + Soul, Buzzfeed, Australian Women’s Health, Daily Life (The Sydney Morning Herald & The Age)
  • 100% positive sentiment

Media Outreach – NZ

  • 17 pieces of coverage across metro (print and online), consumer lifestyle (print and online), regional (print and online) and broadcast
  • 2,556,283 OTS
  • Coverage included: Viva NZ, The Project NZ, Woman’s Day, Fashion NZ, Beauty Heaven
  • 100% positive sentiment

Influencer Activity

  • 8 posts and 6 stories across AU and NZ
  • 662,799 OTS across AU and NZ