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We Australians love our coffee – in fact, 14.6 million of us enjoy a cup every day. With a coffee shop on almost every corner, it may well be a surprise to know that 75% of Australia’s coffee consumption is actually still instant.

As the leader and inventor of instant coffee, NESCAFÉ relaunched its GOLD range with an improved taste, and packaging design that allowed consumers to easily determine their strength preference.

FORWARD was briefed to generate buzz, talkability and excitement around the relaunch, position NESCAFÉ GOLD as the ‘gold standard coffee experience’ and to drive engagement by encouraging trial of the relaunched product.


Australia’s sophisticated café culture meant challenging the perception that barista coffee is the highest standard of coffee, therefore we needed to initiate a behaviour change by highlighting NESCAFÉ GOLD’s barista-style ground coffee.

The other key campaign challenge was that consumers in this market only purchase instant coffee once every eight weeks, so we needed to ensure our campaign had longevity that extended beyond this timeframe.

Our Response

To build excitement and longevity for the relaunch, we developed a multi-level campaign containing four key components: ‘The Tastemakers’ influencer partnerships, a media relations strategy utilsing a master barista as a key spokesperson, a coffee masterclass and engagement with citizen influencers.

The Tastemakers

We identified and secured partnerships with four high-profile macro influencers that are highly influential ‘Tastemakers’ in their field – the Tastemakers – to develop social content that took consumers on a journey of taste and experience. These included jewellery designer, Laura Byrne, artist, Kerrie Hess, nutritionist, Jessica Sepel, and fitness enthusiast, Andrew Pap.

Over an eight-week period, our Tastemakers developed bespoke social content that built excitement throughout the relaunch, bringing to life the ‘taste’ and ‘connection’ messaging.

Master Barista and Media Outreach

We identified and secured leading Australian barista, Lachlan Ward, as our campaign spokesperson. Utilising Lachlan’s coffee knowledge to further build NESCAFÉ GOLD’s coffee credentials, we developed a robust media strategy to secure editorial features with media, this included providing Lachlan’s tips and tricks on how to achieve a barista-style coffee at home.

Coffee Masterclass

Led by our expert barista, Lachlan Ward, we hosted an intimate coffee masterclass for key food and lifestyle media and our Tastemaker influencers. Attendees were introduced to the essentials of creating a gold-standard coffee at home.  Guests were then taken through a quiz by Lachlan on how to find the right NESCAFÉ GOLD variant for them, which led to Lachlan preparing hand-crafted coffees for each person, accompanied by a delicious breakfast.

Citizen influencers

To drive further engagement, awareness and trial of the relaunched range we worked with micro influencer platform, TRIBE, to generate social content. The brief was for the influencers to showcase their favourite NESCAFÉ GOLD variation by creating visual content that highlighted the premium nature of the brand.


Seven top tier media attended the Coffee Masterclass including whimn, 9Kitchen, Mamamia, Marie Claire and Taste.com.au.

16 pieces of earned media coverage, across lifestyle and food media (online, print and TV), with over 10 million OTS. Editorial coverage included GQ Online, Channel 10 – Studio 10, whimn, Daily Mail Australia and Men’s Health.

43 pieces of social media content (12 from the Tastemakers influencers and 31 from TRIBE).

A combined social reach of over 2.3 million