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Grey Goose

The Brief

GREY GOOSE is Australia’s number one premium vodka. However, in recent years, it faced a number of challenges: new competitors, fragmented media presence, and changing consumer preference.

How was this super brand to reaffirm its position as the ‘World’s best tasting vodka’? FORWARD was briefed to take on the challenge.

The Response

Introducing Taste By Appointment, a series of ‘by invitation only’ influencer dinners set to educate and inspire Australians about the importance of taste, and differentiate GREY GOOSE from competitors within the luxury vodka category.

Hosted by the global brand ambassador, Joe McCanta, and taking place in both Sydney and Melbourne, 70 of Australia’s most prominent tastemakers were invited to join GREY GOOSE for an intimate dining experience.

Over the course of ten days and six events, guests embarked on an exquisite cocktail dining journey, exploring sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami flavours, to unlock their personal taste and identify bespoke cocktails constructed to suit their palates.

Using intriguing taste experiments to bring the unique GREY GOOSE product intrinsics story to life, the guest list of industry leaders and influencers from food/drink, media and creative industries delved into their personal flavour profiles, examining how the five senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) influenced their individual preferences.

The campaign was so successful that, in February 2015, 4x additional events took place in Melbourne, attracting a further 85 tastemakers.

The immersive, sensory tasting experience was an integrated campaign comprised of experiential, PR, social and digital, and followed a global roll out which launched in London in 2011.

The Results

The campaign reached the target audience of key ‘leaders in life, lovers of life’ and messaging and endorsement was cascaded out to approx. 10 million opportunities to see via 34 items of coverage.

The activity generated a huge amount of social conversations, with 355 social posts (Tweets, Instagram, Facebook) and 13,687 Likes, Retweets, Comments driving engagement.

All the coverage worked to position GREY GOOSE as the World’s best tasting vodka and the premium vodka of choice amongst key influencers in Australia.



Grey Goose