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Reactive Social Media and 5 Examples of Brands Doing it Well.

As the media landscape increasingly changes, one thing becomes more prevalent: the immediacy that news and current events are available to us, and how quickly these stories give way to the next big thing. 

So, what does this mean for marketers? With younger generations craving immediacy it’s imperative to stay ahead of the trends. This is where social media plays a crucial role and can work with your brand to gain attention, elevating the brands messaging. 

Simply put; where relevant, there are easy wins to be had by tapping into the fast-paced nature of current events on social media. 

To show you how it’s done, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best examples of reactive social media to date.

Oreo – Superbowl 

Who can forget the now iconic moment the lights went out at the 2013 Super Bowl and Oreo’s award-winning response. Often cited as of the best examples of reactive social media the Oreo Dunk in the Dark tweet tops our list. In a matter of minutes, Oreo’s social agency 360i ideated, approved, created and posted their now infamous tweet. Making it one of the most talked about Super Bowl ads of the year and generating thousands of likes and retweets. 

Greenpeace – EarthApp  

No-one could predict the popularity and resurgence of face filtering app FaceApp, yet out of nowhere the social space was alight with images of celebrities, politicians and users posting aged selfies of themselves. 

Greenpeace Russia jumped on the trend while also tapping into the global issue of climate change when, in a matter of days, they released their social campaign EarthApp showcasing the devastating effects climate change would have on popular destinations. 

The campaign saw global recognition but also hit home an important message. You can view these images on their Instagram page as they continue to roll them out. 

Pantone Glowing Glowing Gone 

Things didn’t go quite to plan when Pantone announced the 2019 colour of the year as ‘Living Coral’. Given the rapidly declining coral ecosystem, social media reacted with scorn. 

Turning a PR mishap into an inspiring campaign Pantone used the backlash from their ‘Living Coral’ colour of the year and addressed the issue directly by partnering with Adobe and The Ocean Agency to create “Glowing, Glowing, Gone” campaign. 

Prompting creatives to use the Pantone colours and hashtag #glowinggone they managed to raise awareness on a global issue and create an ongoing a social movement. 

Ikea – Meme Manuals

Knowing how to poke fun at themselves and tap into cultural moments, Ikea continue to nail social media on a global scale. 

Tapping into meme culture Ikea Germany took inspiration from their product manuals to create social memes celebrating everyday trending topics. With no subject matter too small Ikea has created discussions from everything like Unicef’s 70thAnniversary to internet trends and topics including creating Hover Board manuals to celebrate Back to The Future Day. 

Meme manuals saw fan growth outperform other days by 38%, generate media and win awards. 

Netflix – Birdbox

Reigning supreme, Netlix continues to lead with their fresh approach to content and reactive marketing. Using social listening and speaking directly to their fans, there social approach see them generate social content and memes.

The social media storm that hit during the launch of Birdbox is a great example of how Netflix took a trend, memified the hype and amplified popularity of the movie. By doing so Netflix took audience participation and collaboration to the next level, in turn allowing their fans to be a part of the dialogue. 

While the above brands showcase great examples of being agile with reactive social media, finding balance between the nuances of getting it right and wrong can be tricky. It’s important to convey consistency in brand voice and messaging while adding genuine value to the consumer. 

In other words, keep your eye on the trends, do your research and look before you leap. 

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