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Instagram Reels – What you need to know?

With the average human having an attention span of 8 seconds and the rapid rise of new social apps such as TikTok and Byte, there’s no doubt that short form video has become the king of social media content. And Instagram is no exception – in fact, videos on Instagram that are an average of 26 seconds have been found to receive the most comments.

This short style of video content is exactly what Instagram’s recently launched Reels addresses. Designed to create highly-entertaining and relatable short-form video content, Instagram Reels makes it incredibly easy for both brands and users to create video content that is, quite simply, fun to consume.

Curious about Instagram Reels? We give you the lowdown on Instagram’s new must-know feature.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new video-focused feature on Instagram that allows users to record and edit together 15-second video clips set to music or other audio. The content can then be shared to Stories or Feed, which will also appear on the new Reels tab on a user’s profile.

Top Reels that are considered entertaining, creative and interesting can also appear in the Explore tab.

Reels has five key tools that have been designed to help create fun, engaging content:

  • Audio: add a song from the Instagram music library or add your own original audio.
  • Effects: an array of filters and special effects that can be used whilst recording video content
  • Timer: set a timer to record a clip hands-free for the amount of time that has been selected
  • Align: line up an item from your previous clip before recording your next to create a seamless transition. A great tool for stop-motion style video, outfit changes, before and after content or simply making items appear or disappear from a video
  • Speed: speed up or slow down part of a video or audio you selected – perfect for making slow motion videos.

What does the launch of Instagram Reels mean for my brand?

The popularity of short form video content has meant that social media platforms are making it increasingly easier to make this type of content – and Reels is a prime example. 

The launch of Reels makes engaging, short form videos incredibly accessible, highlighting the importance of video content that is eye-catching and isn’t highly produced – but rather focused on being authentic and entertaining.

It also provides brands with an exciting opportunity to engage their Instagram audience in a new way and appeal to younger audiences, who are driving this video content trend.

TikTok or Instagram Reels?

With over 5.4M active Australian users, TikTok is a social platform well worth considering to target Australians under the age of 30. 

However, the integration of Reels into Instagram means you can simply integrate the content into your existing content plans without having to build a new social community.

How can you integrate Reels in your current social media strategy?

The biggest benefit of using Reels is that it allows brands to engage with their existing audience in a different way. 

Here’s our favourite ways to integrate Reels into your current social media strategy:

  • Set a challenge – online challenges have taken social media by storm in 2020 and for a good reason – they’re fun to consume, allow consumers to engage with your brand and encourage UGC. 
  • Create educational content – Reels makes it easy to create snackable content that is perfect how-to and hacks content that can be quickly and easily consumed
  • Ambassador and influencer content – encourage your influencers and brand ambassadors to use Reels to create brand content that stands out and is currently on trend. The number of tools within Reels makes it easy to get creative
  • Reuse content – recently created some video content? Reels make it easy to remix and stitch together video content, so it’s a great way to reuse existing videos to create new content. This includes repurposing TikTok content – the content dimensions are the same and this will allow you to utilise existing assets to reach a different audience. 

No matter your brand or business, Reels provides a rich opportunity to easily create video content that is highly entertaining, short and effortless to watch.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help you with social media communication.